Basler Electric Voltage Regulators

Basler Electric’s extensive range of voltage regulators cover generator and syncronous motor DC field requirements 63-125V from 2A to 200A.


For over 75 years, Basler Electric has pioneered numerous innovations in the electrical power industry from the 1st microprocessor-based voltage regulator to the 1st solid-state protection relay. Along the way Basler has developed a reputation for products that last and provide years of trouble-free and reliable service. Building on this history, Basler offers some of the most powerful and feature rich, yet easiest to configure and use, protection systems on the market to handle a wide range of power system protection applications.

Digital Voltage Regulators

Basler Electric’s line of digital voltage regulators provide precise voltage, var and power factor regulation, and exceptional system response, plus generator protection eliminating dangerous and damaging conditions to the generator or motor and many feature auto-tuning which automatically establishes optimum PID and gain settings, taking the guesswork out of system setup, reducing commissioning time and cost while maximizing overall system performance.

  • DECS-250 Digital Excitation Control System
  • DECS-250N Digital Excitation Control System with Negative Forcing
  • DECS-250E Digital Excitation Control System
  • DECS-150 Digital Excitation Control System
  • DECS-100 Digital Excitation Control System
  • BE2000E Digital Voltage Regulator

Analog Voltage Regulators

Basler Electric’s analog voltage regulators are rugged, proven, and dependable. They offer performance and functionality that revolutionized the modern analog voltage regulator market, and they are still unrivaled today  Their small size lend to easy installation in any generator terminal box and potted design allow for operation in the harshest of environments.

  • AVC125-10 Voltage Regulator
  • AVC63-12 Voltage Regulator
  • AVC63-7, AVC63-7D, AVC63-7F Voltage Regulator
  • AVC63-2, AVC63-2.5 Voltage Regulator
  • AVC63-4, AVC63-4D Voltage Regulator
  • AVC63-4A Voltage Regulator
  • APR63-5, APR63-5X Voltage Regulator
  • VR63-4CUL Voltage Regulators
  • BE350 Voltage Regulator
  • BE300PM Voltage Regulator

SR and SSR Retrofit Voltage Regulators

Our retrofit solution allows for the installation of the new voltage regulator into the same space previously occupied by a Basler Electric SR or SSR regulator and terminal-to-terminal wiring which ensures a convenient and seamless replacement process. SR/SSR Retrofit kits are designed to provide the same reliable operation as the original SR/SSR regulators being replaced and can easily replace multiple models, including custom ones, of the Basler SR and SSR voltage regulators.

  • SSR125-12, Retrofit Voltage Regulator
  • SSR63-12, Retrofit Voltage Regulator
  • SR9A, Retrofit Voltage Regulator
  • SR8A, Retrofit Voltage Regulator
  • SR6A, Retrofit Voltage Regulator
  • SR4A, Retrofit Voltage Regulator

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