Basler Electric Protection Relay Systems

Basler Electric’s protection relay systems cover a wide range of applications.

BE1-FLEX Protection, Automation, and Control System
BE1-11f Feeder Protection System
BE1-11i Intertie Protection System
BE1-11m Motor Protection System
BE1-11f Generator Protection System
BE1-11f Transformer Protection System
BE1-11d DC Power Protection System
ES-25 Sync check Relay
ES-27 Undervoltage Relay
ES-59 Overvoltage Relay
ES-27/59 Under/Overvoltage Relay
ES-32 Power Relay
ES-37 Undercurrent Relay
ES-51 Overcurrent Relay
ES-37/51 Under/Overcurrent Relay
ES-47 Voltage Reverse Phase Rotation Relay
ES-47N Voltage Phase Unbalance Relay
ES-81O Overfrequency Relay
ES-81U Underfrequency Relay
ES-81O/U Over/Underfrequency Relay
ES-47N/27 Voltage Phase Unbalance/Undervoltage Relay
ES-49 Temperature Relay
ES-55 Power Factor Relay
ES-74S Transducer/Shunt Sensing DC Millivolt Relay
ES-74V DC Voltage Relay
ES-81O Overfrequency Relay
ES-81U Underfrequency Relay
ES-81O/U Over/Underfrequency Relay

Additional protection relays from Basler are also available.


For over 75 years, Basler Electric has pioneered numerous innovations in the electrical power industry from the 1st microprocessor-based voltage regulator to the 1st solid-state protection relay. Along the way Basler has developed a reputation for products that last and provide years of trouble-free and reliable service. Building on this history, Basler offers some of the most powerful and feature rich, yet easiest to configure and use, protection systems on the market to handle a wide range of power system protection applications.


BE1-FLEX Protection, Automation, and Control System

The BE1-FLEX Protection, Automation, and Control System is configurable for nearly any Power System application. The BE1-FLEX covers a wide application spectrum as it can be configured for any combination of available functions. The large configurable touchscreen provides an application-specific user interface. To support unknown future needs, the BE1-FLEX can simply turn on extra functions, change or upgrade boards, field upgrade non-hardware style options, and securely update firmware all without needing to remove it from the installation.

Visit Basler’s BE1-FLEX configurator to build your own BE1-FLEX and access addtional technical resources.


BE1-11 Protection System

Correctly configuring protection with confidence has never been easier than with the BE1-11. The BE1-11 Protection System is designed with many features to address issues with reliability arising from the complexity of programming. With BESTspace™ files, multiple BESTlogic™Plus preprogrammed logic schemes, and associated application notes, you can be confident that you have the protection you need. The BE1-11 is available in Feeder, Generator, Intertie, Transformer, and Motor styles for multiple applications.

Visit Basler’s website for additional BE1-11 information and technical resources.


ES Series Protection Relays

ES Series Protection Relays provide a wide range of cost-saving options to simplify protection related to Generator, Transformer, Distribution, Process Control, Auto Transfer Schemes, and Motor applications. ES relays offer many high-end features not typically found in a low-cost device to provide simple, yet sophisticated, protection for your applications. Multiple DIN-rail mounting options are available.

Visit Basler’s website for additional ES Series protection relay information and technical resources.


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