Basler Electric Prepackaged Digital Genset Controller Solutions

Prepackaged generator set control solutions are available direct from the factory.


Available with the DGC-2020, DGC-2020HD, or the DGC-2020ES, these rugged, weather-tight, prewired control boxes from Basler Electric are available for easy installation on any new or retrofit genset application.

  • Prewired design with integrated DGC products, fuse protection,
    and emergency stop provide quick and easy installation into new
    or existing applications
  • Included vibration isolation allows protection for direct mounting
    to the genset
  • In-factory fabrication, manufacturing and testing provide
    complete process control resulting in highest quality and
    maximum reliability
  • Completely sealed, NEMA 4, metal design provides complete
    protection from the environments in the harshest conditions

Additional accessories available:


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