Electro Industries/GaugeTech™ Shark® 270 Socket and Switchboard Form Revenue Meter

The Shark® 270 is a SCADA ready revenue meter for utility substation, power generation, and commercial/industrial utility customers.

  • Primary Revenue Metering
  • Power Quality Measurement and Analysis
  • SCADA Communication Capability
  • Under-glass Wireless Cellular
  • Built-in Expandable I/O
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity
  • WYSIWYG Screen Designer
  • Rugged Design
  • S1 Relay Case Retrofit


Primary Revenue Metering:

  • Third-party certified to ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053-22 accuracy standards for high accuracy, verifiable metering.
  • Transformer/line loss compensation ensures accurate customer billing.
  • Time of Use perpetual calendar for flexible billing options.
  • KYZ pulse outputs/inputs for delivering or recording pulses.

Power Quality Measurement and Analysis:

  • Records up to 512 samples/cycle waveforms for precise analysis of power quality events.
  • Measures harmonics, power factor, phase imbalance, and symmetrical components.
  • CBEMA and SEMI F47 graphs for comprehensive power quality assessment.

SCADA Communication Capability:

  • Multiport SCADA communication with support for various protocols, including Modbus, DNP3, and IEC 61850.
  • Optional Ethernet ports with firewalls, port control, and encrypted email for secure data transfer.
  • Simplified integration with SCADA systems.

Under-glass Wireless Cellular:

  • Optional 4G LTE™, Verizon certified wireless cellular for cost-effective and efficient data collection.
  • High-speed protocol for quick meter programming and data download.
  • Secure communication through a virtual private network infrastructure.

Built-in Expandable I/O:

  • Under-glass I/O eliminates the need for separate expansion modules, simplifying installation.
  • Various I/O cards available, including analog output, pulse input/output, relay input/output, and IRIG-B card.
  • Keystone connectors and terminal blocks facilitate easy and customizable I/O cable installation.

Enhanced Cybersecurity:

  • Role-based, encrypted cybersecurity measures to protect critical metering data.
  • Digital firmware signature for secure firmware updates.
  • Port lockdown control, firewalls, and encrypted email for enhanced security.

WYSIWYG Screen Designer:

  • Customizable display screens with multiple modes and up to 250 screens.
  • Ability to display any meter readings and other operational data as needed.
  • Flexible UI design to meet specific customer requirements.

Rugged Design:

  • Primary surge protection for meter longevity and protection against electrical surges.
  • Superior Keystone connectors for reliable I/O connections.
  • RJ45 wiring for easy field determination of cable lengths.

S1 Relay Case Retrofit:

  • Easy testing and replacement with draw-out meter cradle and hinged paddle.
  • NEMA 4X rated for outdoor substation control panels.
  • Simplified installation and testing with one-button cover release.


  • Suitable for primary revenue metering, advanced metering infrastructure, power quality analysis, SCADA substation metering, distributed energy/microgrid, and industrial/commercial metering and sub-metering.

In summary, the Shark® 270 Revenue Meter offers accurate revenue metering, power quality analysis, secure SCADA communication, wireless data collection, expandable I/O, enhanced cybersecurity, customizable display screens, rugged design, and versatile applications, making it a comprehensive solution for utility and industrial customers.


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