Electro Industries/GaugeTech™ Shark® 250 Advanced Power and Energy Meter


  • Utility Substation Metering
  • Distribution Automation
  • Alternative Energy
  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Distributed Energy
  • Microgrid


The Shark® 250 advanced power and energy meter is designed for utility substation and critical industrial applications. Improve the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of your facility with its high accuracy and power quality monitoring capability.

Revenue Metering

  • Certified ANSI C12.20 0.1 Accuracy Class Energy Measurements
  • High Precision Frequency Measurements – 0.007 Hz
  • Cyber Secured Encrypted Configuration
  • Perpetual Time of Use, Transformer/Line Loss and CT/PT Compensation, Test Mode, and Energy Presets
  • Rugged Design for Harsh Environments

Power Quality Metering

  • PQ Analyzer with Limits, THD Monitoring, and Harmonics Recording
  • 512 Samples/Cycle Waveform Recording of up to 319 Events
  • Millisecond Time Stamp for Accurate CBEMA and SEMI F47 Data Analysis
  • Extensive Data Logging, Including 6 Historical Logs of 64+ Parameters Each
  • Email Power Quality Events on Alarm

Communication and I/O

  • Real Time SCADA Communication Capability: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Level 2 DNP3, and IEC 61850
  • Two Optional, Separately Addressable Ethernet Ports with Email on Alarm, Data Push, Web Servers, IP Whitelisting
  • Standard RS485 and Front USB Ports
  • MV90 Support
  • V-Switch™ Keys Add Functionality in the Field
  • Field-upgradable I/O


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