Alcad Slim Maintenance Free Sintered/PBE Compact NiCd

Alcad Slim Maintenance Free Sintered/PBE Compact NiCd
76 Ah to 185 Ah


Choose this range for stationary applications, where limited space is available and where reliability of power supply is a critical factor, such as oil & gas exploration and production, utilities and manufacturing plant. It is also ideally suitable for railway signaling and infrastructure applications.

Slim is the new maintenance-free* nickel cadmium battery in the Alcad range. Slim delivers high-energy performance in a space-saving module design with a robust Ni-Cd battery construction and a unique electrochemistry that ensure total reliability, long life (+20 years) and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The narrow width of Alcad Slim lends itself to 19″ and 23″ relay rack applications where less reliable VLRA blocks are traditionally used but the long life and predicatablity of NiCd is required.


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