Mesa LSe and BLSe Lead Selenium Flat Plate Battery

Mesa LSe Lead Selenium Flat Pasted Plate Battery
50 Ah to 2000 Ah

BLSe 12-50
BLSe 12-100
BLSe 6-100
BLSe 6-150
BLSe 6-200
BLSe 6-250
BLSe 6-300

LSe 100 F
LSe 150 F
LSe 200 F
LSe 250 F
LSe 300 F
LSe 350 F
LSe 400 F
LSe 450 F
LSe 500 F
LSe 600 F
LSe 700 F
LSe 800 F
LSe 900 F
LSE 1000 F
LSe 1100 F
LSe 1200 F
LSe 1300 F
LSe 1400 F
LSe 1500 F
LSe 1600 F
LSe 1700 F
LSe 1800 F
LSe 1900 F
LSe 2000 F


The Mesa LSe is a range of lead selenium flat pasted plate vented lead-acid (VLA) batteries featuring 20-year design life plates made of .25” thick, lead selenium alloy. It is ideal for use in switchgear applications characterized by switching DC loads and high rate demands.

Low maintenance, reduced footprint, and safety by design are essential features of the LSe. No other flat plate, lead selenium battery has thicker plates or longer lasting cells. The LSe lead selenium is a deep cycle battery and is available in cell options (LSe) ranging from 100 amp hours to 2000 amp hours and multi-cell blocks (BLSe) available in 6-100, 6-150, 6-200, 6-250, and 6-300 amp hour configurations.

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The LSe was previously marketed as the Alcad LSe, Alcad BLSe, Saft Eternacell LSe, Saft Eternacell BLSe and Concentric provides support for these products.