Stationary Battery Hardware Kits


Battery Installation Kit

Additional battery cable, terminal lugs, conduit and other hardware is usually needed to complete a new battery system installation. We can build you a custom battery installation kit that will come with everything you need to complete the job.

  • Battery cable
  • Terminal lugs
  • Flexible conduit
  • Conduit connectors
  • Conduit anchors can be provided on request


Battery String Isolation Disconnect and Overcurrent Protection Kit

NEC requires that a battery isolation disconnect breaker and overcurrent protection device to be located close to the battery. Our solution provides a suitably rated DIN rail mounted breaker and DIN section you may fasten to the battery rack at the location of your choice. A fixed handle padlocking device (off position) is provided for lock-out, tag-out.

  • 2-Pole, 250Vdc, PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker with LOTO padlock provisions
  • 5 inch DIN rail section
  • 1 bottle enamel touch up paint (specify white or grey)


Temporary Battery Connection Kit

Adding a temporary battery connection point to your system provides an easy and safe way to temporarily connect an addtional battery to your DC system. Compared to using jumper wires and clamps, our kit eliminates the arcing caused from a difference in voltage potential between the battery string and DC system and it provides a secure way to make the connection that cannot be accidentally knocked off. We will need to know the amp rating in order to provide the correct breaker, battery cable and connectors.

  • 2-Pole, 250Vdc, PowerPacT Molded Case Circuit Breaker
  • 5 inch DIN rail section
  • 10 foot battery harness with pre-wired Anderson Power SB® connector and cover boot
  • Also compatible with select I-Line DC panelboards


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