i-Gard Absence of Voltage Tester (i-AVT)

With over thirty-five years of both domestic and international experience, I-Gard’s full line of neutral grounding resistors, ground fault protection systems and power-resistor based solutions provides world class power protection.

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The i-AVT (Absence of Voltage Tester) by i-Gard is a simple, fail-safe and intuitive product that combines the process of voltage verification. Traditional servicing of electrical equipment involves risk of injury from electrical hazards – 18.3% of facilities experienced personal injury and 11.7% experienced interruptions of operations, while using hand-held voltage testers.

NFPA-70E 2023, Article 120.5 (7) Exception No. 1 “An adequately rated permanently mounted absense of voltage tester shall be permitted to be used to test for the absence of voltage of the conductors or circuit parts at the work location, provided it meets all the following requirements: (1) It is permanently mounted and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and tests the conductors and circuit parts at the point of work; (2) It is listed and labeled for the purpose of testing for absense of voltage; (3) It tests each phase conductor or circuit part both phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground; (4) the test device is verified as operating satisfactorily on any known voltage source before and after testing for the absense of voltage.

i-Gard’s permanently mounted i-AVT removes personnel from the inherent r isk of conducting a liv e-dead-live test with the door to the electrical cabinet open by the automating the testing process and providing 100% verification of absence of voltage in approximately 10 seconds. Powered by internal supercapacitor, the i-AVT is charged by the bus it is installed on. The i-AVT-R model adds an onboard USB-C charging port on the display module and features a smaller control enclosure for tight installations.

The i-AVT provides the following indications:

  • Positive indication of presence of voltage from 3V-600VAC
  • Positive indication of absence of voltage
  • Positive indication of loss of phase

The i-AVT is approved to UL 1436 – Outlet Circuit Testers and Other Similar Indicating Devices, is SIL3 rated and meets the strict requirements of NFPA-70E 2023 Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace for permanently mounted absense of voltage testers.



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